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Golden Oaks Hardwood has a unique range of laminate flooring Long planks, short planks, and wide planks.Floors for kitchen and bathroom as well as for your living room. Floors for restaurants, hotels, and shops.Durable flooring with everything from modern to the timeless decor.

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When you visit our store, you can choose from a large selection of hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring, as well as carpeting, and ceramic tile. We offer competitive prices, expert installation, first-class services and financing is available. This is why our success dates back to 1992.

We Specialize in:

  • Wood Flooring
  • Solid/Engineering
  • Laminate
  • Sanding & Refinishing
  • Custom Flooring
  • Carpet
  • Stone
  • Molding
  • Services Performed
  • Drywall Repair
  • Tile Installation
  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Remodeling

Through years of fieldwork and research, we have developed a comprehensive, functional and creative line of decorative Marble & Granite products for our customers. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and provide top quality work and satisfaction.

How to Choose Flooring Layout Shapes?

When building a house Choose the right floor the art of choosing a floor may seem difficult when building a new house, but it does not need to be read more, you’ll find some good tips. Choose the right hard floor when building houses. Here are tips on a simple guide to massive wood floors, parquet floors, and laminate floors. If you wish to choose a hard floor.

The thickness of the wood floor surface layer is directly crucial if it can be sanded, and how many times it can be sanded. When choosing floors, it is important to think about what wear and tear you will need to expose the floor too. Cheap floors usually withstand less. You get what you pay for. But sometimes it may be unwise to buy for good floors if the wear is small.

Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring fits all the rooms in the house, except in wet areas. The thickness of the floors varies. The laminate consists of a multi-layer artificial material with the protective plastic top. Laminate floors cannot be sanded. Laminate flooring is very durable, does not get sunlight, is resistant to stains, cigarette glow and pressure from eg. Narrow heels. Now there are also floors that are laid completely without glue. The laminate floor needs to be clean, make sure use a Microfiber Mop.

Solid wood Floor

Solid wood floors can be placed in all the rooms in the house except in the wet rooms. Solid wood floors, homogeneous wooden floors, consist of wood straight through. The thickness of the wooden floors varies depending on the make and model. A solid wood floor can be grinned and painted many times, but always account with the supplier what is applicable. To protect your solid wood floor from dirt always use a hardwood floor cleaner.

Parquet Floor

Parquet flooring works well in the living room, living room, and bedroom. For kitchens and entrances, parquet is possible, but less suitable, check with the supplier and make sure it is properly installed. Always expect the floor to have a shorter lifetime, Never use parquet in wet rooms. Parquet flooring consists of different layers and the thickness of the floors varies. The surface layer consists of treated wood. There is a wide variety of varieties today.Hard-worn or damaged parquet floors can be refurbished by grinding and lacquering provided the thickness of the surface layer is greater than 2.5 mm.Floors with thinner surface layers are sometimes referred to as “wood floors” if the thickness of the surface layer is less than 2.5 mm. Such floors cannot be sanded, sanding them, they risk to sand the surface. This floor cleaner works exceptionally well on wood parquet flooring. It gets the floor spotless and sparkly. It would prescribe this cleaner to anybody that has genuine wood floors.

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We see solutions instead of limitations. Our goal is to realize your complete dream kitchen at a reasonable price.. It is important for us to know your family’s daily rhythm and needs so that we can best make a kitchen that suits you. We have complete kitchens from Italy and Canada.

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